Hardship Assistance

We understand that artists may face unforeseen challenges that impact their ability to meet their residency donation commitments. To support our artist residents during times of hardship, we offer a hardship assistance program with specific guidelines and limits based on a residents tenure in the program:

  • New residents (no paid months in the residency) are eligible to carry a balance of up to one month of their residency balance as hardship assistance
    • This amount is equivalent to the property's monthly residency donation amount multiplied by one.
    • For 2025, one month = $600
  • After three paid months in the residency, up to a two-month balance may be owed.
  • After six months, up to a three-month balance.
  • After one year, up to a six-month balance.
  • After two years,  up to a one-year balance.
  • A one year balance owed to the nonprofit is the program maximum. Balances owed to the nonprofit may be subject to collections if a resident exits the residency program without communicating a payment plan to their resident advisor or the residency program coordinator.
  • Residents whose residency balance exceeds the maximum limit will be required to exit the program.
  • Credit for Shared Effort Initiative participation does not count towards paid time in the residency for the purpose of balance limits.

Additional Hardship Funds

  • When available, funds from our internal hardship assistance fundraising efforts, or those that have been donated to the nonprofit, either undirected, for the residency program, or specifically designated for hardship assistance, may be utilized to assist residents with their residency balance, subject to board approval.
  • It's important to note that the availability of hardship funds is not guaranteed and will depend on the current financial situation of the nonprofit.

Applying for hardship assistance

  • Residents seeking hardship assistance must submit a formal request by email to the residency program coordinator, detailing their circumstances and the duration of assistance needed.
  • Requests will be reviewed by the board of directors, who will make decisions based on available funds and the resident's individual circumstances.
  • Decisions regarding hardship assistance will be communicated to the resident in a timely manner.

Our hardship assistance program aims to provide support to residents facing temporary financial challenges, ensuring that they can continue their artistic pursuits without undue burden. By adhering to clear guidelines and procedures, we strive to maintain fairness and transparency in our residency program's operations.