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About Us

Our Mission

Sentient Meat is a non-profit organization registered in Ohio that represents a collective of artist across all disciplines. Our mission is to foster growth for communities and artists through creative partnership, performance, and education.

What We Do

Our organization is centered around the idea that people work better together, and that artists work better when we’re not denied access to valuable, necessary resources that we need to subsist. Supporting art supports the community in ways that are real and tangible, and when art is treated as the important work that it is, the benefits reach far beyond the individuals creating it.

In a society where art and artists are often devalued and social safety nets are heavily restricted and even more heavily stigmatized, it’s important to organize and create the resources we need to support each other and let communal effort prevail. We aid in this process by driving programs for artist residency and easy access to necessary tools for development and creation: opportunities for education and collaboration, space for working and presenting, and more.

It’s a vast, cold, uncaring world out there. But as sci-fi fan writer Arthur D. Hiavaty once said, the whole point of society is that it’s supposed to be less unforgiving than nature. We have the ability to be more and to make it better by accepting each other and letting communal effort prevail. That’s where we come in.

Our Members

Basil (Maggie) Ross

Board Member & Resident Artist

Jack-of-all-arts including circus and flow, UX, photography, infrastructure design, & fully automated luxury gay space communism.

David Reyburn

Board Member & Artist Alumni

Technologist, hardware hacker & musician. From a room filled with blinking lights & machine whirs, he produces fun, interactive art for all.

Stephanie "Paws" Thompson

Board Member & Artist Alumni

Craftsman of sorts. Inspired by the moon. Video / lighting / stage production, Home renovations, flow arts, and performance.

Josh Kaplon

Board Member

Joan Pohlman

Board Member & Resident Artist

Goodest egg

Skye Wolf

Resident Artist

Dancer, choreographer, performer, fire/flow artist, prop junkie, photographer; adventurous, sarcastic, loving Wolf who loves cuddles.

Jon Waltrip

Resident Artist

Live streamer at Midnight Jon, cat lady in training, and secret reformist agent of the global socialist conspiracy.

Jonah DiGirolamo

Residential Artist

Casey McGraw-Herdeg

Artist Alumni

Jeremy Menefee

Artist Alumni

Sam Shaw

Artist Alumni

Sun Johnson

Artist Alumni

Tyree Pinckney

Artist Alumni