Shared Effort Initiative

The Shared Effort Initiative encourages residents to step into our vibrant community where artists come together to support one another and nurture creativity. Through our program, residents actively participate in maintaining our shared space while earning credits towards their residency costs. Join us in fostering a collaborative environment where everyone plays a vital role in shaping our collective experience.

  • Communal effort helps keep costs down and the community connected--residents are expected to contribute a minimum of 5 hours per month to helping maintain a clean and functional space and/or promoting inclusive community.
  • Tasks are subject to pre-approval by the resident advisor and logged on the property spreadsheet, and may include but are not limited to:
    • Assisting with nonprofit-maintained livestock (chickens) and community plants and gardens,
    • Helping with simple home repairs like drywall patching, wood refinish, and painting, with guidance from other nonprofit members,
    • Helping update the house wiki (internal guide for the residents on how to use the facilities),
    • Running or helping facilitate workshops and events in the available communal space like community meals, arts meet ups like crafting and writing workshops and flow jams, game nights, movie viewings, or whatever sparks your artistic interest,
    • Other community engagement and outreach,
    • Facilitating weekly trash removal,
    • Seasonal snow and leaf removal,
    • Seasonal basement water removal,
    • Running the dishwasher and putting away dishes,
    • Putting away and restocking communal supplies like TP and laundry soap,
    • General cleaning and chores.
  • Residents may reduce their monthly donation by contributing more than 5 hours per month.
    • For 2025, additional hours are given residency credit at a rate of $15/hour.
    • Residents who do not log at least 5 hours in a month will see those hours as an additional charge at the same rate as the current credit rate.
    • Credits and charges will be reflected on the residents' program balance by the 5th of the month following their occurrence.