Pay It Forward Plan

The "Pay it Forward Plan" supports residents transitioning out of our residency program. This program provides a pathway for residents with outstanding balances to settle their dues through manageable payment plans tailored to their income levels. With a minimum monthly payment of just $5, participants can gradually pay off their program balances without undue financial strain.

Former residents, as valued members of our community, are eligible to enroll in the Pay it Forward Plan as a benefit of their ongoing membership with our nonprofit. By continuing to pay the $20 annual membership dues, they can access this program and continue to receive support from our organization even after they've completed their residency.

Moreover, the ongoing payments from past residents enrolled in the Pay it Forward Plan contribute to the financial sustainability of our residency program. These contributions provide a cushion for the residency, especially during times when current residents may be experiencing hardship, ensuring that we can continue to offer support to all members of our community in need. Through the Pay it Forward Plan, we not only assist individuals in settling their balances but also foster a cycle of support and solidarity within our organization.