Watering Plants

January 21, 2022

Plant watering day is: Tuesday

Every Tuesday we try and check on the house plants and take care of watering needs, but some plants need water more or less frequently--how are you to tell, you ask?

How to Tell When a Plant Needs Watering

With most plants, you should water when the soil feels dry to the touch. You can gently stick your finger (up to the knuckle or so) in the soil to see how dry it is.

For water lovers, water when the surface is dry; for succulents and drier plants, water when most of the soil feels dry.

You can also lift a potted plant (or carefully tilt or nudge the pot if it’s a big one) to gauge how wet the soil is. If you get a sense for its weight right after it's watered, you will have a base weight to compare it to as it dries out.

If the soil is dry and the leaves are wilting, the plant is likely thirsty. But wilting (and dropping and/or yellowing) leaves can also mean too much water.

How to water

If you're uncertain how much that is, err on the side of less and save yourself running for a towel! Then wait a minute (or water another plant or two) and check the bottom tray to see if you need to water a little more.

For plants near the bathroom, you can set them in the tub to water and then wait until they finish draining before returning them to their window or shelf.

Over time you're develop a sense for how much water plants will need--just keep helping out!

Where to water