Chores & Cleaning

September 4, 2021

Cleaning, chores, and the social expectations around them.

There are a lot of small chores and cleaning tasks that go into keeping the house running smoothly on the daily. Up to this point we've managed to avoid assigning chores and tasks thanks to everyone chipping in where able, as able. To preserve this relaxed policy, please make sure you're helping out regularly!

  • Vacuuming and sweeping; especially if you have pets
  • Tidying personal possessions in common areas*
  • Wiping down counters
  • Cleaning appliances
  • Washing towels
  • Emptying the dehumidifiers
  • etc.

Participation in maintaining the cleanliness of the space you live in is an expectation of all residents, and most cleaning tasks are not eligible for work credit.

To qualify a chore or clean task for work credit, every instance of a task must get prior approval (via text is easiest).

Exceptions that qualify for credit include cleaning tasks that go above and beyond what one would need to do while maintaining a personal residence. For example, vacuuming would not be an eligible task unless it is necessitated by the house condition and being done by one individual in excess of what they would need to do living alone, like vacuuming up construction dust after a house renovation project.

To see a full list of common chores and tasks, sometimes even with descriptions and instructions**, check out the Chore Chart tag.

Cleaners visit the house every other friday, usually in the morning, and do a cleaning of all common areas and Basil's room. This is NOT a service provided as part of the residency, and is paid for personally by Basil as a means of alleviating physical strain from further taxing their chronic health issues. This is intended as a replacement for some of their personal contributions to house cleaning, chores, and cleaning up after their pets.
* If you are moving objects that do not belong to you for purposes of tidying common areas, you must post to house chat or message the object owner(s) directly to denote where the object has gone as a common courtesy.
** If the task you'd like to help with is lacking directions or information, please text the house group chat and I'll get it updated ASAP! This wiki project is very work-in-progress and your help prioritizing filling it in is appreciated!