Sentient AV

Launched in 2019, Sentient AV is an artist collective focused on community-building and skill-sharing for individuals interested in audiovisual self-expression.

The collective meets bi-monthly at It Looks Like It's Open in Clintonville and features a series of lectures by AV artists exploring a variety of topics.  

Tables and chairs are provided, attendees are encouraged to bring projects and ideas to the space to discuss and/or work on after the presentation concludes.

2020 Meet Up Dates

  1. February 20th
  2. April 23rd
  3. June 25th
  4. August 20th
  5. October 15th
  6. December 17th

To stay up to date with AV events, follow the AV Collective Facebook Page.

All Sentient Meat program activity is operated under our safer spaces policy.