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Map your poly partner network

Maybe two years ago a metamour of of mine from Texas started getting me into different software tools for mapping our polycule, using manual data entry based off what we knew of everyones connections at the time. We considered expanding our data gathering by sending out a link to a google forum, but ran into the issue that once we got very far past our immediate connections, determining the consent from the people submitted to be put on the map became difficult. Compound that with the Texas 'cule being interested in monthly updates to see who was sexing who any given month, and the whole thing became rather unsustainable.

Which led to the idea of building a web app that would function something like a mix between a social network, family tree site, and mapping tool--

  • ‍Individuals can add themselves and invite others 
  • ‍All connections have to be approved both ways (maybe option labels for type of connection--partner, play partner, nesting partner, etc. 
  • ‍Users can set privacy level for identifying information like name and pictures (no real names required, ever) by degrees of connection (only your partners, partners + metas, 3 degrees out, etc.) 
  • ‍Using above relationship data to auto generate a 3D, explorable map--with individuals you don't have permission to view info on or who haven't joined (if, say, multiple people add/invite someone of the same email) just showing up as unlabeled nodes
  • And maybe at some point a calendar/event system with similar privacy options, because that's something everyone is always having trouble with‍

Recently, the idea resurfaced in a group chat with my extended polycule family from Ann Arbor and Denver, and this time we had the talent and connections in the group to get the project started. We're still under development right now, but look for us soon on!

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