Sending aide to Standing Rock

Basil Ross
Feb 26, 2018

Eight of us ventured from Columbus, Ohio to Canon Ball, North Dakota over Thanksgiving weekend. We brought with us a trailer filled with food, horse feed, clothing, and other supplies for donations. While there were restrictions on photography in the camp, I did take some pictures in accordance with the rules--all pictures containing people had to have consent of all within it, and pictures were not allowed of sacred spaces or ceremonies.

The Missouri, just after the bridge entering reservation land, down river from the proposed pipeline crossing and construction.
The camp, as seen from the highway, as we arrived on Thanksgiving afternoon.
Horses belonging to the Crow Creek Spirit Riders, with whom we camped.
Intimidation lights from the pipeline, aimed at Oceti Sakowin.
Sunrise, looking from the bank of Oceti Sakowin over to Sacred Stone.
Sunset over Oceti Sakowin
The police blockade on the public highway and a truck, burned out by police, that the water protectors managed to remove from the highway while being blasted with water cannons and rubber bullets.
A car, burned out by police and repainted by water protectors.
Paws and myself, standing in front of camp.
Our group, with some of the Crow Creek Spirit Riders camp.

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